Call for Product Development Based PhD Scholarship

(Applicable for both BA or MA degree holders.)

Koç University’s Design Lab is working on a novel interactive environment (DubTouch) which enables playing games by physically touching other players. We are looking for a candidate for our product development based PhD in Design Program to work in this project. See details about DubTouch here.

DubTouch is considered quite innovative by the NordiCHI’14 committee and presented at this high level conference together with other prominent projects.

The accepted candidate will undertake the implementation of a working prototype of DubTouch and will work in collaboration with other grad students for the design research of this interactive environment. During the PhD education, successful students may meet outstanding labs which we have relationships such as Disney Research, Google [x].

Requirements for the scholarship:

  • ALES EA min 70
  • GRE min. 685/154
  • TOEFL min 80, IELTS min 6.5
  • CV
  • BA or MA degree including Engineering or Design Fields
  • Experience in programming and electronics


  • Monthly stipend:  from 1400 TL up to 2500 TL*
  • Housing or 525 TL if the student does not prefer housing
  • Private health insurance

* Depends on ALES/GRE score.

See details here.

Submission link*:
* Design Innovation Research Group should be selected in the application form.

Submission deadline: 19 December 2014 17:00

A Cinematic Talk with Peter Greenaway

The talk will be streamed live on this page, above. To watch the event live on Ustream, click here…


Academic, painter and master of cinema, Peter Greenaway, will release his new film, “Eisenstein in Guanajuato”, this year. Prior to the film’s release, Mr. Greenaway will meet with designers in a talk organized by Koç University Design Lab.

At the event that will take place as part of the Istanbul Design Biennial, and with support from the SGKM and the Social Sciences Institute, Greenaway will speak about the passionate transformation of his cinema into a present-tense, multi-screen and non-narrative one. By exhibiting the phases he experienced in this remarkable and challenging journey Greenaway will show four films which he considers that might aid his optimism: A HISTORY OF ITALIAN DESIGN commissioned by the MILAN DESIGN MUSEUM, ATOMIC BOMBS DROPPED ON THE PLANET EARTH, a speculative venture, THE TOWERS – LUCCA HUBRIS, commissioned by the CITY OF LUCCA in Italy, and VERONESE’S THE MARRIAGE commissioned by the CINI FOUNDATION in Venice. While discussing these films, he will share with us his critique on the Death of Cinema.

Admission Free, Invitation Only.

23 October 2014, 19:00 – Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center Koç University Sarıyer

For invitations: Sosyotix
Facebook page: A Cinematic Talk with Peter Greenaway